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BBB Johannes Deimling



BBB Johannes Deimling, born 1969 in the german town Andernach, works in the field of performance art, video, object, installation, drawing and music. Especially with his performative works, the artist became internationally renowned. He presented his ephemeral works in Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Estonia, Austria, Romania, France, Italy, Spain, England, Czech Republic, Serbia, Finnland, The Netherlands, Israel, Canada and Cuba.

Deimling finds his ideas and suggestions in the banality of the all day life and combines these researches with its own biography. The artist transforms topics such as patience, will, war, religion and transportation into physical images. The head is often a focus and again in the performances whether as living sculpture covered with plasters (band aids) or as material struck against the wall. At the creation of its acted images he works often with simple, poor materials. Pretty often the actions or objects made in the performances, are followed up in the form of videos, objects or photography.

One of his main activities is teaching performance. He studied Arts pedagogic and has been lecturer in many universities such as the F+F, school for art and media design in Zurich, the academy of arts in Tallinn, the academy for visual art in Leipzig, the academy of arts in Mainz, the HFG in Karlsruhe, at the art department of the University of Regina in Canada, the Universidad Valencia in Spain, at the Bezalel academy of arts in Jerusalem in Israel, between others. In the last five years he begun his own pedagogical project PAS (Performance Art Studies) :Intensive studies in conjunction with international performance art festivals, – institutions and artists, being in our case partner of the Festival Home Sweet Home 10’, where the studends had the opportunity to present their works  as a conclusion of the workshop.


Interviewed by Christopher Hewitt in Berlin

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