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Carmen Castillo



Carmen Castillo Echeverria (Santiago de Chile, 1945) is a documentary filmmaker and Chilean writer. She was a professor and researcher at the Research Center of Latin American History at the Catholic University of Santiago, Chile. He also worked at La Moneda from 1970 to 1971 next to Beatriz Allende, advisor at the time of President Salvador Allende. MIR (Revolutionary Left Movement) activist, he lived in hiding after the Pinochet’s coup until the DINA located the house where he lived together with his partner Miguel Enriquez, and were they have been attacked by assailants. She survived and a strong international campaign forced the dictatorship to release. He was expelled from the country, where he could not return until thirteen years later, and lived in Paris, a city in which she continues to dwell. His works include the documentary Calle Santa Fe (2007), which tells of autobiographical way political commitment, mourn, exile and the collective destiny of his former fellows MIR, and Skinny Alejandra (1994) focused on the figure of the MIR activist Marcia Alejandra Merino who became a symbol of the betrayal, by making public, under torture, the identity of their fellow militants.