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Concha Jerez



Concha Jerez studied piano at the Royal Conservatory of music in Madrid and graduated from Madrid University with a degree in political sciences. She began to make installations in 1976. Her works makes use of a wide variety of materials and technologies, from video and photography to the use of newspaper cut outs and used objects. Since 1989 she has worked in collaboration with the artist and musical composer Jose Iges. In 1980 she made her first performance and since then has presented many works in museum, festivals and galleries around the world. Between 1985 and 2008 she directed the radio programme “Ars Sonora” on Radio Clásica for the Spanish national radio. From 1985– 90 she gave workshops to young artists in collaboration with the Ministry for Education and Science and the Youth Institute. Since 1991 she has been working as associate professor of the Department of Fine-Art in Salamanca University. She lives and works in Madrid.

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