The European Live Art Archive (ELAA) contains interviews conducted by the Chair of Contemporary Art and Culture – UdG (CACC) with artists about the visual arts, photography, the dramatic arts, sound art and cinema. This archive aims to create the memory of its creators and to reveal the historical and biographical contexts of the work’s origins linked primarily with Catalan art and its international relations beginning in the second half of the 20th century.

ELAA is the continuation of a project the Culture Programme of the European Commission awarded to the University of Girona (CACC), the University of Oxford (Ruskin School of Fine Arts) and GlougAIR of Berlin, dedicated to conceptual and performance art (ELAA) and currently sponsored by the Banc Sabadell Foundation.

The Chair of Contemporary Art and Culture of the University of Girona, created in 1999, enjoys international recognition and prestige. The CACC is home to the Theories of Contemporary Art Research Group, which is accredited by the Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency (AQU) and known throughout Europe for its research excellence. Past collaborators of the CACC include poets, film directors, philosophers and writers such as George Steiner (Professor Honoris Causa – University of Girona 2012), Mario Luzi, Hilde Domin-Löwenstein, Claude Lanzmann, Franco Rella, Norbert Lynton and Nigel Glendinning (CACC). This new phase of the ELAA is directed by Maria-Josep Balsach and Carme Pardo.