Fatima Miranda

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She has a degree in history of art, with a specialisation in contemporary art.  Her interest in the avant-garde resulted in her creating her own very personal vision of scenic art, video and minimalist music. Her investigation is centred on the the human voice, voice techniques, tonality and register. Her interest in the avant-garde also includes video, minimal music, stage arts and artist-public interaction.  

She is one of the organisers and participants of the “Taller de Musica Mundana” (other members are: L. Barber, F. Estevez, M. Breuss, B. Ferrando) and of the phonetic-poetic group “Flatus Vocis Trio.” In 1987-88 she studied oriental vocal techniques under the supervision of Yumi Nara, Mongolian singing with Tran Quang Hai and in 1987 North-Indian classical music. She has produced a number of solo CD’s, including: Las Voces de la Voz (1991), Concierto en Canto (1995), Arte Sonado (2000). In 1996 Miranda received a DAAD-grant to work in Berlin. She participated in a large number of festivals of contemporary music and experimental poetry in Paris, London, Madrid, Zurich, New York, Sao Paulo, Montreal, Mexico and others. Since 1973 she has lived and worked in Madrid.