Fina Miralles

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She studied art in Barcelona from 1968 to 1972. From the early 1970’s on she was part of a conceptual Catalan artist’s group in Sabadell showing works in the Sala 3. Her early works were strongly influenced by Arte Povera and land art as well as with environmentalist and feminist thought.  Her career took off in the 1970’s and she produced performances, films, installations and artist books. From 1980 onwards, her work centred on the production of paintings exploring the  theme of the visible/invisible. She showed her work in the Biennal in Paris (1977) and the Venice Biennal (1978) before abandoning “professionalism” and travelling in South America and France, where she lived for some years.

Fina Miralles explores the relationships between humans, nature and objects and analyzes the transformation and alienation of natural objects when seen out of context. In the year 2000 she donated all her work to the Contemporary Art Museum in Sabadell.

Recently she has made a series of short live works as part of  the live art artist collective, Corpologia, in Girona.

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