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Hella Santarossa is the daughter of a traditional glass-handicraft family from Dusseldorf and was convicted to continue the family business. In 1960 she designed her first glass work called “chicken –coop scenario”. In 1973 she suddenly decided to move to Berlin to study Fine Arts at the Hochschüle der Künste and her independent artistic career begun. She lived intensely the artistic bohemian life of the 80’s in Berlin, being part of the Jung und Wild generation.

Her multidisciplinary work mixes painting, glass, obelisk and public art, sculpture, sacred art and performance.

She describes her performances “as a kind of fifth dimension, where space and time can be accompanied by the creative potential of a mobile present. It is not only the picture itself which emerges in the eye of beholder; it is the artist herself, who, with actions, can breathe immanent vitality into the work itself. Music and action fuse with canvass and color to a unique form which is not repeatable at all.

She often uses the camera as a medium to conserve the spontaneous actions. Some of her performances are: “Modeling the director”, “Roe Skin”, ”Happening Berlin” and Lisbon, in which with a burlesque and humorous approach she creates living sculptures that are critic with the political system.

Interviewed by Irene Pascual and Johnny Amore in Berlin

Audio interview