Home Sweet Home International Performance Festival



Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berlin-Neukölln – 9,10,11 July 2010

Our goal was to bring together and network artist working in the field of performance and video art, that coming from different geographical and social backgrounds work and live in Berlin.

In the past years this two generes gained position in the contemporany art scene and more artist took them as their main medium. Both are expressions of our eclectic historical moment, produced at the crossroads of other disciplines such as installation, conceptual art, dance, theater, architecture, design, sculpture, electronic, net and digital art or other documentary aspects of artistic practice. The aim of the festival has been to show the wide range of possibilities that these genres include. 

Home Sweet Home hosted a total of 15 international artists among which  we created  a network and a dialogue between them, established new working partnerships as well as we archived and catalogued their works. Alltogether genetaring a “performance reference centre” in the conflictive multicultural area of Berlin-Neukölln.

 Within the Videoart programme we invited 6 curators who represented international institutions from around Europe. Curators selected and showed works related to live art and public intervention. Site-specific video and performance interventions were done, showing how the two genres can interact with the daily life of the neighbourhood.


List of participating performance artists:

Ricardo de Paula (Brasil/ Berlin)

BBB Johannes Deimling (Germany)

Funda Ozgunaydin (Turkey /Ireland/ Berlin)

Andrés Galeano (Spain/ Berlin)

Eric Devanthéry (Switzerland)

Lan Hugh (Taiwan)

Lora Dimova & Simo Saarikoski (Bulgaria/ Finland)

Jussi Matilainen & Ida Nikitin (Finland)

Melissa Ramos (Australia/ Berlin)

Marcio Carvalho (Portugal)

Invalid Adress (Spain)

Johnny Amore & Relle Büst (Germany)

Dovrat Meron (Israel/ Berlin)

Alejandra Borja

Grupo Oito (Brasil/ Berlin)

Philine Solmmann + Ruben Reiniers (Germany)

Kei Takemura (Japan)

Ambra Pittoni (Italy/ Berlin)

Eva Ibanez & Jacqueline Tauil (Argentina)

Louie and Jesse (UK)

Sidonie Zou Zou (GB)

Javier Cura (Argentina)

BBB Johannes Deimling- Workshop presentation

Lady Gaby (Romania)

Intransitos (Colombia/ Berlin)


List of curators of the videoart programme:

Johnny Amore – Home Sweet Home Selection – Germany

Johnny Amore – The Presence of… – Germany

Federica Matelli, Limial B – Italy/Spain

Imma Prieto – Universitat de Girona – Spain

Juan Ramon Barbancho, Videoartworld – Spain

Luis Renato Hermosilla, Chile

Alejandra Borja and Jana Taube, INTRANSITos / Neukölln Import – Germany


Within the videoart works we selected 2 winners for the “Ámister Art Friendly Award” who recieved an invitation for a weekend in Barcelona to participate in the Loop Video Art Fair 2011.

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