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Johannes Lothar Schröder is an author, theorist, performance artist and art organizer based in Hamburg. Original from a small town near Kassel since a very young age he was attracted to the performance art and Futurismus after seeing it in the Dokumenta Exhibition and decided that he wanted to be involved in this artistic genre.

He founded the project room Einstellungraum in Hamburg and has been writing periodicaly for the Journal Amokkoma. He holds a PhD for the thesis on Performances from Happenings to Persona. He has written in many publications, catalogues, encyclopaedias and magazines (specialised on authors like Tatsumi Orimoto and Paul McCarthy). His work as an artist is very related to his academic background; theory and praxis in his case, inseparable. He is also focused in archiving and documenting materials from performances to recycle them into new pieces.

His last performances and installations such as Herkules_Zettel, Herkules_Boot, Hercules_Hangar und Performance_Record, have a strong ritualistic accent and focus the aim to visualise the art theory _through texts, manuscripts, photos or relics of other works of art_ creating an animated installation in a site specific situation.

Schröder is member of Performance Studies International and Koïnci-Dance and ASA studies.

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