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Juan Hidalgo is a multimedia artist who moves freely between the worlds of music, poetry and fine art. He studied piano from the age of fifteen and after completing his baccalaureate he continued his musical studies in Barcelona with Frank Marshall and Xavier Montsalvatge. Later he travelled to France and then Switzerland to study composition with Lois Hiltbrand. In 1955 he moved to Milan where he met Bruno Maderna and Walter Marchetti and began to compose works of contemporary music. In 1957 he presented Ukanga, hisfirst public concert in Darmstadt. In 1958 he met John Cage for the first time in Milan and in 1959 he participated with Cage in an experimental concert along with Leopoldo La Rosa and Walter Marchetti. He also took part in the Club 49 meetings in Barcelona with David Tudor among others. In 1960 he worked at Pariservice de la Recherche in French national radio and television. (ORTF). His interest in Zen led him to study Chineses and Japanese in Milan and Rome from 1962-4. In 1964, together with Walter Machetti, and Ramon Barce he founded the group ZAJ. Later, in 1967 Esther Ferrer would join the group that lasted until 1996. He has presented his works around the world in numerous exhibitions, concerts and action-concerts as well as taking workshops and giving conferences. He has been awarded many prizes including The Gold Medal in Fine Art awarded to him by the Spanish Ministry of Culture in 1989.

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