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Lili Fisher was born in 1947 in Hamburg and was educated as an artist and as an anthropologist. She began her artistic career in a multidisciplinary way and her work includes drawing, ready-mades, photos and installation as well as performance art. The recurrent themes of her artistic research are: women’s reality (housekeeping, cooking, cleaning and daily routine), human relationships and nature (plants, insects, landscape, spices, human impact). She normally combines these themes with those of general interest which affect the public in a direct way.

In the 1970’s Fisher introduced the concept of “Feldforschung” (Field research) in the arts, taking information from the observation of reality and the leftovers of civilisation to organize, collect, analyse and present the results in the form of art.

Her work always has an element of magic and ritual which are explored in a playful and provocative way. Normally she does a performance before an audience while generating installations, sculptures and objects that will remain after the performance ends thus increasing meaning and communication. The drawings are also an active part of the whole process and they work as storyboards for the performances and as documentation.

Lili Fisher has had solo exhibitions in Germany (Nurnberg, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Berlin) and Great Britain (London) and published her works in several publications.

Since 1980, she has been teaching in several universities; University of Essen, Mainz, Kassel, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munster.


Interviewed by Irene Pascual and Christopher Hewitt in Hamburg

Audio interview