Pere Noguera

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Pere Noguera was born in La Bisbal, Spain. He started working within the new, ephemeral and conceptual poetics of the 1970’s, making dematerialised process based sculptures. His work incorporates objects, space and nature (or landscape) as a framework for installations, where the materials he uses include clay and domestic objects. Noguera takes clay, ceramic processes and ceramic objects and transforms them in his conceptual works, installations and performances. He also uses photography and electrography, and was a pioneer in his work with photocopies as well as the concept of ‘archive as ready-made’. Noguera describes his performances as somewhere where you can study new languages and study process;  “Performance is a variant of other working processes and at the same time it is a language in itself. It helps me to acquire a deeper understanding, deepening my thoughts about the process of language”. Many of his works are in the Rafael Tous Collection of Contemporary Art,the Vila Casas Foundation, the MACBA in Barcelona and the museumARTIUM in Vitoria.

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