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Willem Wilhelmus studied metallurgy at the Technical University in Delft but since a young age was interested and dedicated to body awareness and emotional expression techniques, which he learned and practiced in Germany, USA and Holland.

Since 1994 he lives and works in Helsinki and it was in1999 when he orientated his work solely to performance art. He combines both the creation and the organization of performance events such as the Fake Finn Festival of experimental live art, La Contact, New Art Contact, Art Contact and Kaapo Hintikka, all of them in Helsinki.

Wilhelmus presented his work in many international venues such as InfrAction Venetia (Italy), Trampolim (Vitoria, Brazil), Guangzhou Live, Art Action, 53 Art Museum (China), DakArt Off Biennial (Senegal), Undisclosed Territories #3 (Indonesia), Contaminate 3, Boston (USA), KEAF, Theater, Seoul (South Korea), NGBK, U2 Alexanderplatz, Berlin (Germany), Acción07 MAD, Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid (Spain), Infractions, Sète (France), 7a*11d, Toronto (Canada), Finnish Artists 110th Exhibition, Art Hall, Helsinki (Finland), Nordic Excellence, Kulturhuset, Stockholm (Sweeden), Galleria Titanik, Turku (Finland), Ebent 03, MCCB, Barcelona (Spain), MoPe festival, Art Hall, Vaasa (Finland), ConTemp, Lahti (Finland) or Festival of Short Theater, University Theater, Helsinki (Finland).

He describes his work as: making holes in the time. “I once met a mad poet who was shouting around, addressing nobody in particular: Put a Finger between the Time! I understood immediately, but it took me some twenty years to take it serious in all consequence and concentrate on just that: making holes in the time. I do this as an artist and invite others to do so as a curator-organizer of live art events” he says. 


Interviewed by Irene Pascual and Johnny Amore in Helsinki

Audio interview